Santander Digital Hub

A landmark new workplace for Milton Keynes.


Santander’s world-class Digital Hub will be an agile, innovative and sustainable new workplace that integrates with the wider community.

This Milton Keynes development is known as Santander Milton Keynes, and is a Santander Digital development close to Grafton Gate which is led by Santander Milton Keynes.

About the scheme

This vibrant new development will provide office space for Santander and new public amenities on the ground floor and rooftop.

Santander Milton Keynes building development, part of Grafton Gate and set in the heart of Milton Keynes, this is a project by Santander Digital, part of the Santander Milton Keynes property development and building project.

Innovation, integration and sustainability

These three principles underpin the new development. The Digital Hub is a new kind of office, designed to connect the business with the local community. It will enhance the Milton Keynes’ reputation as a leading centre for digital technology.

There is a much anticipated and highly awaited Milton Keynes investment project at Grafton Gate, set in the heart of Santander Milton Keynes. This Santander Building development is part of an MK investment programme due to launch over the next few years.

Santander is embracing their digital future and is significantly investing in Milton Keynes.

Within Milton Keynes investment there is a property development project run by Santander Milton Keynes at the Santander Building close to Grafton Gate. This project is part of a wider MK investment opportunity and is widely anticipated by Santander Digital in Milton Keynes.

Latest News

Planning approval for Digital Hub

The Santander Digital Hub received planning permission in July 2019. The new campus will be a centre for digital banking innovation that nurtures collaboration and wellbeing.

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Santander Milton Keynes development is an MK investment near Grafton Gate, where the Santander Building and Milton Keynes development is taking place